Legend of Shangri-La - The Exciting Slots Game at TMTPlay

Legend of Shangri-La - The Exciting Slots Game at TMTPlay

Have you ever dreamt of visiting a faraway land shrouded in mystery called Shangri-La? Here s your chance to take an adventure to this mythical place where the legend of Shangri-La is real! TMTPlay Online Casino brings you the latest casino slots game, The Legend of Shangri-La to give you an exciting journey to those mysterious lands.

The Grand Shangri-La

Featuring 5×3 and 25 paylines, The Legend of Shangri-La offers a chance to uncover the secrets and great treasures of the beautiful Shangri-La. Immerse yourself in the serene and majestic beauty of this mythical land as you spin the reels; you will be surrounded by mystical temples, lotus flower ponds, and vibrant gardens. Exploring this land of Shangri-La has its own adventure, as each spin will bring you surprises and rewards.

As you discover more and more of the hidden realms and treasures of Shangri-La, you will also find various bonus features that offer even more excitement. One of the bonus features is the Wild Substitution. It will randomly substitute other symbols to form a winning combination. The Wild symbol is represented by a majestic blue tiger who is the guardian of Shangri-La.

You can also find the Free Spins with Sticky Re-spin feature. This allows you to collect up to 6 Free Spins and up to 4 Sticky Re-spins. During the Free Spin, the wild symbols will remain stuck, and will only give way to higher-paying symbols. This offers a chance to form many winning combinations, giving you even bigger rewards.

Spin Away to Win Big Rewards

In The Legend of Shangri-La, every spin is an adventure. Spin the reels to uncover secret realms and great treasures hidden within the magical land of Shangri-La. You can win big rewards with every spin and increase your chances of winning even more with the exciting bonus features.

The great rewards don’t stop there. At TMTPlay Online Casino, you can get a chance to win even bigger rewards with The Legend of Shangri-La’s Special Promotions. Through these Special Promotions, you can increase your winnings and get a chance to become a true legend!

Become a Legend

The Legend of Shangri-La is one of the most exciting and rewarding casino slots game that you can find at TMTPlay Online Casino. Take a thrilling journey to the mythical land of Shangri-La and uncover its secrets and great treasures. Spin the reels and win big rewards with every spin. Join the excitement and become a legend!

The Legend of Shangri-La is just one of the many exciting games available at TMTPlay Online Casino. Experience hours of fun and entertainment as you spin away and win big! So what are you waiting for? Register at TMTPlay Online Casino today and enjoy all the excitement and rewards!