LizQuen: Love Team That Lives On in the Hearts of Filipinos

LizQuen: Love Team That Lives On in the Hearts of Filipinos

The world of Philippine showbiz is one that is always filled with love teams. While couples come and go, some duos stay in our hearts forever—none more so than the iconic tandem of Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil, better known as “LizQuen.” This isn’t just your typical love team—they’ve become a symbol of love and hope for many Filipino couples. Here at Tmtplay PH.

How it All Began

“LizQuen” began as an onscreen pair back in 2014, when the two starred in the romantic-comedy film Must Be…Love. It was the beginning of a partnership that would last for years and spawn several other films, including She’s The One and Just The Way You Are.

The moment their film was released, the chemistry between the two onscreen lovers was undeniable. For months, they were consistently voted as “Fave Love Team of the Year” by fans in the “You’re My Foreignoy” and “Fashion Pulis” online polls.

From On-Screen Loveteam to Real-Life Relationship

As the two continued to work together, their relationship evolved. From onscreen partners, they became real-life friends and, eventually, lovers. From showing all their projects on their Instagram feeds to riding around the city on their scooters, the real Liza and Enrique charmed the world and made us fall in love with them.

However, as of this writing, the two have confirmed that they have parted ways as a couple. This was a major blow to the fans of LizQuen who have rooted for the two for a long time. But, if there’s one thing we’ve learned from the LizQuen journey, it is this—love wins and never fails.

The Legacy of LizQuen

Until now, the LizQuen fever remains alive in the hearts of fans. In fact, LizQuen is one of the most enduring love teams in Philippine showbiz, with several endorsements and companies branding their tandem as “The Ultimate Loveteam.” The two remain good friends and continue to showcase their closeness in their projects.

LizQuen will forever be a testament to how two people can make an undeniable impact in the lives of their fans. They showed us that despite the challenges they had to face, they stood strong and their love shone through. They are an inspiration to all Filipino couples who are continuously trying to prove that love conquers all.

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