Maine Mendoza: Social Media's Most Influential Personality

Maine Mendoza: Social Media's Most Influential Personality

Maine Mendoza, also known as Yaya Dub, has been breaking barriers in the social media scene for years. She has become an icon in the industry and has just recently been awarded the title of 'Most Influential Social Media Personality' by Yahoo. This is a huge achievement for Maine and the Filipino entertainment industry as a whole! Visit here at Tmtplay PH!

Maine Mendoza's Rise to Fame

It all started when Maine Mendoza shot to fame after her Dubsmash videos went viral on the internet. This led to her landing a spot on the noontime variety show Eat Bulaga's 'Kalyeserye' segment. It featured her as the 'other woman' who eventually wins the heart of her leading man Alden Richards. Maine and Alden then went on to form the love team AlDub, which continues to be the most successful love team of the decade.

The AlDub love team made a huge impact in the entertainment world by redefining the way fans and viewers interact with the show. They introduced Buzzin, which was essentially a trend of making and sharing memes about the show. This made Eat Bulaga one of the most talked about on social media, and Maine Mendoza was at the center of it all.

Maine Mendoza's Major Achievements

Maine Mendoza's journey to becoming one of the most influential personalities on social media has been an impressive one. In 2015, she landed a spot in the top ten most followed personalities on Instagram. By the end of the year, she had become the most followed female Filipino celebrity.

The following year, Maine Mendoza was invited to become part of Time's 2016 list of the Most Influential People on the Internet. She was the first Filipino personality to be featured in the list. Maine Mendoza has also become an endorser for numerous products, starred in various films, and launched a self-titled YouTube channel.

Furthermore, Maine Mendoza also made history when she became the most followed Filipino celebrity on Twitter. To this day, she still tops the list, with over 4.2 million followers. Her fans, lovingly known as 'Mendes' continue to be incredibly passionate about her and show their support for her on social media.

Her Latest Achievement

Maine Mendoza has succeeded yet again, achieving the title of Most Influential Social Media Personality of 2020 by Yahoo. According to Yahoo's press release, she won the award due to her "unique ability to stand out and make a difference online." This is a huge achievement that reflects the impact she has had on the Filipino entertainment industry and her many fans.

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