NBA Philadelphia 76ers: Their Recent Resurgence

NBA Philadelphia 76ers: Their Recent Resurgence

In the world of professional sports, few teams stand out as much as the Philadelphia 76ers. Formerly known as the Syracuse Nationals, they have competed in the National Basketball Association (NBA) since 1949, making them one of the oldest teams in the league. Throughout their history, they have established themselves as a top - tier team and have been able to bring the championship back to Philadelphia twice. In this article, we will be taking a brief look into the history of the 76ers and why they have recently become one of the most successful teams in the NBA.

From Syracuse to Philadelphia

The original Syracuse Nationals were founded in 1946 and took part in the National Basketball League (NBL). The team won the championship in 1946, defeating the Fort Wayne Pistons. After one more year in the NBL, the Nationals joined the merger of the NBL and Basketball Association of America (BBA). They then became founding members of the newly formed NBA in 1949.

For the first half of its lifetime, the team based in Syracuse, New York was one of the most successful in the league, appearing in a total of ten NBA finals. In 1955, the team won their first NBA championship, and then added a second championship in 1967. The then-owner of the team made a decision to move the franchise to Philadelphia in 1963, and the team was renamed the Philadelphia 76ers.

The Rise and Decline

In the 70s and 80s, the 76ers were part of an elite group of teams that consistently performed well and made the playoffs year after year. They made it to NBA finals three times during this period, but unfortunately, they could not add any additional championships to the list.

During the 90s, the 76ers refused to rest on their laurels and continued to be one of the most successful teams in the league. Despite a lack of significant success in the playoffs, they made it to the finals twice and narrowly lost both times.

Unfortunately, the team went into a period of relative stagnation and lack of success in the 2000s. They made the playoffs six consecutive seasons from 1999 to 2004, but failed to make it past the first round of the playoffs. This period lasted till 2013 when the team started to experience some success once again.

Recent Resurgence

Since 2013, the Philadelphia 76ers have experienced a successful resurgence that has seen them return to the top of the NBA. In 2018, they made it to the Semi-Finals of the Eastern Conference playoffs, and then made it to the second round of the playoffs in 2019. In 2020, the team made a strong run in the playoffs and were only beaten after a closely contested seven-game series in the Semi-Finals.

The main reason for this sudden resurgence can be attributed to the manager and general manager, Elton Brand. He has successfully recruited a young core of players that he believes can help the team in the long run. This young core consists of players like Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, and Tobias Harris. All of them have experienced success in their respective careers and have been major contributors to the team’s recent success.

The Philadelphia 76ers have had a long and storied history in the NBA. They have gone through ups and downs throughout their lifetime, but they have been able to prevail and come out on top in recent years. This is due to their strong young core of players and their manager, Elton Brand. As they continue to strive for success, there is no doubt that they will be able to achieve even more in the coming years and eventually bring a championship back to Philadelphia.

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